Dear To Me_2024

Curator: Anežka Januschka Kořínková 
Photos: Adam Šakový

The exhibited paintings from the Dear to Me series address connections to objects. They reflect memories and feelings that we associate with them. Sometimes they can become carriers of memory, fostering an emotional bond with the past and helping to express and share feelings that may be universal and therefore transferable, or conversely, they may have completely different significance for each individual.

In her canvases, we encounter distinctly stylized figurative motifs accompanied by decorated small objects, charms, bags, brooches, or clothing motifs representing objects with sentimental value. Her inspiration in these cases is objects with exaggerated fantasy and debatable aesthetic value imbued with nostalgia, which she finds among her loved ones. In a playful manner, she thus brings to life important moments and memories that remain hidden to visitors.